Ghana?s award-winning rapper, Sarkodie, has told NEWS-ONE how he stays on top of his game despite the keen competition in the music industry.

Sakodie, also referred to as Obidi Pon Bidi, revealed that his fashion brand, Sark Collection, would begin sale of female jeans and underwear, G-strings and shoes.

A few days ago, he won the Most Influential Artiste Award while his new track, Illuminati, won three other categories to become the topmost winner at the 4stye Music Video Awards 2013. He performed a similar feat at the Ghana Music Awards a few years back. He also won a BET award.

NEWS-ONE caught up with Sarkodie and asked him how he had managed to ?rule? the music industry throughout these years and how his chain of awards makes him feel.

?To start with, I am not ruling the industry, I just do what I do best and I think you get what you desire. I think it feels good because to be in the game for even two year is like a decade, so to still be around at this time makes me feel good and feel I am blessed,? he noted.

How Do You Stay On Top?

?I do it by not trying to do it because I don?t have a format or a strategy for winning. I try to be myself and pray to God to give me the divine favor. Anytime I am about to hit the stage or do a song, I just pray I should not let down my fans. That?s all I do. My fans are the main reason I do what I do and I try to make them happy because if you still keep your fan base, you can still go on.?

How Do You Keep Taking All The Major Awards

?Winning awards is good but I don?t want that to be my target. That is not what the whole idea is about. But it keeps happening because when you work hard, people recognize your efforts and applaud you. But when I am working, I don?t try to do something special to get awards. For example when I was shooting the Illuminati video, I did not have in mind the 4syte Awards was just around the corner.?

What Are You Working on Now?

?I am currently working on Sarkology. That is my new album coming out which has Illumanati, Gunshot, the new one with Fuse; Down On One, Halleluyah, Lies and more. This is basically a double CD album which is coming out. We are not too sure about the date but it has to come out before December and we have videos coming out as well.

?Aside music, we are also working on the Sark Collections. We have the new collections coming in by January. We have new designs for the snapback caps, shoes for ladies, jeans for ladies, underwear for ladies and ?.

You Mean You Now Design G-Strings?

?Well not me designing G-string for ladies per say. You know I have a partner who designs most of the stuff. She is a lady and we have also realized that we have a lot of females patronizing the shop, so we decided to capitalize on that and meet their needs. I have not seen the ladies underwear myself but I believe they would be nice. I have seen the pictures of the other products.?

By Halifax Ansah-Addo ([email protected])


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