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As Sara Evans prepares for a hectic holiday season juggling family responsibilities and tour dates for her album At Christmas, she opens up to First For Women about dealing with the pressure to get it all done.

“Life is hard for women because we have to make more choices than men. There is so much pressure on women to find the balance to make everything happen and make everyone happy,” she tells First For Women.

“We have to prove that if we are working, nothing at home is lacking, and if we’re home, that our work isn’t lacking. As moms, we stretch ourselves to the limit.”

To keep the constant juggling act from taking a toll, Sara makes a point to carve out quiet moments to unwind between to-do’s.

“My husband, Jay, and I have this ritual after we put the kids to bed where we find somewhere to sit outside and have a glass of red wine and talk,” Sara tells First For Women. “It’s our favorite thing in the world to do.”



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