Samstrings my heartSamstrings is a soul classic pop musical artist with strong lyrical content and passionate about the ‘strings’. He started music from the church as a guitar boy in choir, music is a gift in the family.

Samstrings is well known by his style of music, playing and singing with acoustic guitar.? Music to samstrings is an expression of his feelings to his world.? He is a musician no doubt, he studied music at peter king’s college of music Badagry Lagos. He is currently an undergraduate at National Open University of Nigeria and majored on the study of English Language.

‘Mr Ologbon ‘as his fans always called him has an Album unrealised? to his credit the album is titled ‘Ologbon’ meaning the wise. .. He is coming out with a single titled “MY HEART” is a love song, it is a love story song about true lover, how dearly they missed themselves,? distance kept them away but there heart still met to ‘toast’.



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