Sammi Awuku
Sammi Awuku

The best way to understand people is to listen to them. Listen to their spoken words and their body language. One?s choice of words evidently says a lot about his/her thought pattern and one?s body language, well ?action speaks louder than words?.

In today?s world, we are more exposed to one another primarily because of the explosion of the traditional media and contemporary social media that stems from the general concept of a global village. One man that has been seen, heard, understood and appreciated by both young, old, and peers is Sammi Awuku.

A born leader, who always keeps an element of love and passion around him, has the ability to keep the people around him excited and breathless and shows genuine humility toward everybody that comes his way.

As intelligent as he is, he could have chosen to live a simple life and work with a corporate entity quietly with his family but rather, chose to put his life on the line and serve his nation unreservedly. He puts the interest of the nation over his personal interest. Clearly, this is not for the fame or fortune but for the betterment of Ghanaians and Ghana as a country.

A simple man, yet, efficiently built with a solid mental fortitude that inspires others to do more, dream more learn more and ascribe to become more. A dependable team player, that gives his all to ensure the success of his team. Consistent and reliable.

An excellent communicator with a good sense of humor, treat people with genuine respect, understand the needs and desire of others, sure of himself but then with humble intentions. A man loved by his nation and admired the world over. A stallion, and gentle man.

By: Wesley Owusu


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