Kwabena Boadu! May His Soul Rest in Peace; Hajia Samira Bawumia, She’s a Revelation as eloquently stated by NADAA; For Just like John’s Revelation in the last book of the Holy Bible, she single handedly revealed and magnified the rot and corrosion which John Dramani Mahama and his Onaapo Boys and Girls had subjected GHANA to over the years.

Yes, others may have said same and even beat the drum of corruption much louder than she did but the manner and means, the way and how she phrased and delivered the message made it Viral. Indeed, many were saying it publicly long before her speech but it was after Hajia Samira Bawumia’s Branding Speech which lasted all but 1.54 youtube seconds, that finally got under the skin of the President and his party. One could see that they were unnerved by the speech by the veracity with which the former ambassador to Saudi attacked her person.

Even, I, the writer of this piece watching the speech on youtube many weeks later couldn’t help but feel tingles down my spine. Samira Bawumia along with many campaigned fervently for the NPP and for Change but she, especially, was the NPP’s most effective weapon against the NDC’s propaganda machine. Talk about kicking the Fulani’s out and there she was; about sidelining Zongorians and she was there too. Together with her husband, Alhaji Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia, they provided a buffer to the NDC’s persistent, false but effective narrative that NADAA was anti-Northern thus indirectly implying that he was Anti-Islamic also.

Alhaji Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia, May Allah bless his spirit, May Allah continue to guide and give him unqualified wisdom as he helps NADAA right the many wrongs of the previous administration as they lead this country for many years to come. May God protect him against all evil wished unto him by his enemies. The man has sacrificed a lot; his career, his potential earnings, precious time with his family, all in the name of service to his country.

Had he declined to be NADAA’s running mate in 2008, there’s no doubt he would have easily risen to the governorship of Bank of Ghana at an early stage in his life. He also could have easily chaired many boards and financial institutions across this Globe not just Africa. His Star is extremely bright and his enemies recognize it, the reason why they tried to eliminate him many times; once after the election petition on his return from the North and most recently in WA. They didn’t get him but unfortunately succeeded in electrocuting Kwabena Boadu, one of the most pleasant individuals and angelic faces you’d ever meet in this world. He was also extremely humble and one may just google Kwabena Boadu to see the comments from the Chairman of IMANI THINK TANK regarding him. You could tell this election was personal to Dr. Bawumia. Personal not just because of John Dramani Mahama and the NDC, and the decay they were subjecting the country to. Like many Ghanaians, he wanted CHANGE.

This election was particularly personal because he had lost a very dear friend in Kwabena Boadu.Alhaji Bawumia is not stupid and knows the perpetrators of this heinous crime were after him. They had been looking to eliminate him since 2013 and never stopped especially, after his masterful display in Atuguba’s Court. They also recognized that he was the STAR on the ticket and without him it would be almost impossible for NADAA to ascend the Throne; the elusive Black-Star Throne he had so longed for. By hook or crook Mahamadu Bawumia had to go. They had to get him.

We thank God for his protection. “The Battle Was For The Lord.” All praise and gratitude to Allah the Merciful, for what the evil-one devised didn’t come to pass and in the process John Dramani Mahama and the NDC were handed the worst loss ever experienced in our beloved country of Ghana. A loss so embarrassing and disgraceful that it kept the President confined indoors for almost 3 days whiles the sun shone ever so brightly in Accra. Who knows, Madam Hajia Samira Ramadan Bawumia is an extremely beautiful lady and knowing Ex-President Mahama’s track record, he probably coveted her and since he couldn’t have her Mahamadu Bawumia had to be eliminated. After all he had done worse than that.

Somebody please tell Ex-President John Dramani Mahama to stop wearing sunglasses like he did at NADAA’s inauguration and continues to do for when he was running about shouting ABAABAS3 and mocking NADAA, he aint have no eye problem. Its Harmattan Season; Aint no scorching sun burning his eyes any more than it’s doing to the rest of the populace.

Again, Kwabena Boadu, May His Soul Rest in Perfect Peace. Kwabena Boadu, May His Spirit Know Eternal Peace. Even as I type, Lumba’s track ‘Nana Winner’ from 2012 is playing in the background. Thanks to the hard work and sacrifice of Alhaji and Hajia Bawumia, the NPP operatives and many a Ghanaian, for this election turned out to be Onaapo Mahama and the NDC vs NPP and the Ghanaians populace. Thanks to the above mentioned and many stakeholders not mentioned, NANA ADDO DANKWA AKUFO-ADDO has finally ascended the Precious Black-Star Throne.

By: Fiifi Ofori aka Sowee


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