Dancehall artiste Shatta Rako says Samini released his new diss song ?Vex Mad? because he wants to gain the attention of Ghanaians. Shatta Rako in an interview with Sammy Flex on Pluzz FM Wednesday morning said the song ?Vex Mad? was released  because Samini knows that his brand has gone down and if he releases it, Ghanaian will start talking about him.

Samini?s issue looked funny to me after I heard it because we all know that he has gone down in the game. He is a very wise person  and strategic. He knows that when he releases this song it will generate attention for him. All these things he is doing will bring attention on him. I just feel he needs attention that?s it.

We all know he has gone down musically. The only thing that is making him relevant is he has been in the system for long and in the past ten years, he has been able to gather some big fan base and loyal fans and those are the people he is holding onto now but when it comes to  music in the game, he has really gone down.

He is aware Christmas is coming and there will be shows and other events so he has to make little noise to gain attention.

That is how the system is,. If you gone down for a while and you make a little noise, you get people calling you.

When asked if Shatta Wale should respond to the ?Vex Madd? song Samini released believed to be directed at him, Shatta Rako answered that ?No?.

?I wouldn?t have responded if i were to be him. Bandana should not reply if he is listening to me. There are many people to respond for Wale so he should forget about replying?



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