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We all know Dancehall Artistes to be rude and arrogant at times, but who would expect something like this could happen regarding an event that is especially designed to promote Ghanaian Dancehall Music?

When interviewing some of the Artistes mentioned above, we got to find out that this is just another typical case of event organizers taking the music industry and its musicians for granted. Apparently, many of the popular artistes on the bill are not being paid to perform, but the producers of the show have already started deceiving fans by using their images to advertise the show without any consent.

?This is an outrage? says one of the Dancehall stars, ?they have gone to collect sponsorship money and yet they are claiming they don?t have a penny to pay me until after the show?!? Another award winning Dancehall artist also states that ?it?s about time we stand up against this type of exploitation. We are also working professionals; we must get paid to work!?

There are many comments circulating on Facebook and Twitter that fans are no longer interested in the BASS Awards due to last year?s deception that Jamaican superstar Elephant Man would performing at the show. It seems that this year, the event organizers want to attempt using only local artistes to pull it off.

So could it be that the whole concept of BASS Awards is just a money making scheme? Or has the original concept of ?Celebrating Reggae and Dancehall music? been put aside due to the financial difficulties and lack of support in putting up the Award Show? Are our musicians being treated fairly?

What do you think?

Source – GhJoy.Net


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