Sam Okyere
Sam Okyere
Sam Okyere
Sam Okyere

Ghana?s?Sam Okyere?is making a name for himself in South Korea?s entertainment world. Based in Seoul and fluent in Korean, Okyere can be seen these days?rubbing shoulders?with some of K Pop?s most famous stars. He already has a pretty extensive resume of Korean TV shows under his belt, including?SNL Korea?and?Master Chef Korea Season 3. Okayafrica contributor?Jacob Roberts-Mensah?caught up with Okyere to talk about his experience being an African in Korea, his current work and his plans for the future. Check out the full Q&A below.

Jacob for Okayafrica: What brought you to South Korea?
Sam Okyere:?I initially came to Korea as a Korean government scholar in 2009 to pursue a degree in Computer Engineering. But then again as a young guy I thought it wise to try and rack up as many experiences as I could, and this entertainment venture is one of them. Korean TV has opened doors to foreigners as a way to get them involved in Korean culture and to take what they can from the outside world.

Besides, they have many awesome TV programs and the standards are very high. So once the opportunity presented itself, I couldn?t resist.?I have been in Seoul for a little over five years now and counting. There is always something about Korea that makes you want to stay even longer. It?s like wine; the longer you stay here, the better your experiences get to be.

OKA: You recently modelled for?Vogue Korea. How did that come about?
SO:?Yes I did. The?Vogue Korea?magazine feature came about as a result of being cast for one of the most popular and longest running TV shows (Happy Together) in Korea. It was to highlight a group of foreigners from different cultures doing entertainment work in Korea and their experiences throughout their stay here. ?The Korean dream,? as it was called, showed four foreigners, including myself, who loved Korea so much, as a means to broadcast to the rest of the world the numerous possibilities despite varying cultural backgrounds. It featured?Sam Hammington?from Australia,?Fabien?from France, and me from Ghana.




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