—- ***He Is a Father, a Mentor, a Motivator, a Man of Integrity, and He Has other Important Qualities like Peace, Love for Everyone, Strong Will, Great Kindness.

—- ***He has made Significant Influence and Impact in My Life including Many People In the Brong Ahafo Region (Sunyani) and Ghana at large. He has Contributed Immensely to the Growth and Development of Sunyani and her surrounding Communities, and has made Sunyani really Proud.

—–***He has supported and motivated a lot of Brilliant but Needy Students to be able to reach their Goals in Life across Brong Ahafo Region including Myself (I’m a Living Testimony).

—– ***He has Contributed in one Way or the Other by employing as many People as possible including Graduates, to reduce the Unemployment Rate in the Brong Ahafo Region (Sunyani)

—– ***He is a very Outstanding Person and deserves to be Honoured in a very Special Way!!



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