Honouring GhanaAs part of activities marking Ghana’s 55th Independence Anniversary, the City of Edmonton, capital of the Province of Alberta in Canada decided to honour Ghana with a Proclamation of March 2012 as “Ghana Month” in the City of Edmonton.

We devote our Editorial piece to this recognition event and gesture from the City of Edmonton for a number of reasons. That City has a long history of ties with Ghana. It was one of the first Cities in the British Commonwealth that offered opportunities in the immediate aftermath of Ghana’s Independence, for a number of Ghanaians to study in Universities in Alberta especially at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Many of such students returned to assist in the building of the young, emerging Black Star of Africa from the early 1960s. Others stayed and some later returned and have contributed a lot to the building of the Province of Alberta. There are a number of Ghanaians in very senior positions in the political and economic life of the Province of Alberta. It is gratifying to note that people of Ghanaian origin who live in Alberta have discharged and distinguished themselves very honourably. This proclamation and recognition from the City of Edmonton is also a strong indication of the respect and confidence that one of the largest Canadian Municipalities and for that matter the Province has for Ghana. The proclamation underscores the leadership and shining roles that Ghana has played and continues to play in post-colonial Africa. It makes reference to the peaceful political transitions in Ghana “without plunging the country into war” as our other neighbours have sadly chosen to do on a number of occasions. This is a strong message that we should all take seriously and be proud of as Ghanaians. And it is an image that we should all strive and vow to uphold and protect. In the 55th year of our Independence, in the year that the City of Edmonton has bestowed this honour on our dear nation, our country will be embarking on another political journey: Presidential and Parliamentary Elections in December 2012. It is the responsibility of all of us to ensure that these political events pass smoothly and peacefully to justify the honour that other countries, institutions and municipalities, including the City of Edmonton, have bestowed on us.

We salute the City of Edmonton and its Mayor for this honour. We also salute the Ghanaian-Canadian residents of the Province of Alberta and of the City Edmonton through the leadership of the Ghana Friendship Association of Edmonton for conducting themselves honourably in that Province and City. Source: Ghanaian News Canada

Long Live Ghana! And Long Live the Ghanaian-Canadian relationships!

Source: Ghanaian News Canada


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