Salomon Kalou caught grabbing Michael Essien Testicles

Chelsea striker Salomon Kalou takes his hand to Michael Essien testicles while the latter lifts the title

Chelsea striker Salomon Kalou was caught fondling Michael Essien’s testicles during their FA Cup title celebrations on Saturday.

Pictures of the act emerged after the Blues’ 2-1 win over Liverpool to grab the title they have won many times in recent years.

As Essien took to the podium to lift the title, Kalou’s fingers found their way to the groin area of the Ghana international.

While Essien lifted the title, Kalou conveniently touched him where it hurt most and the act was caught the cameras.

This has generated massive excitement and laughter as it has thrown some light on what happens in the Chelsea locker room.

Recently videos emerged of John Paintsil doing a similar thing to Nigeria international Yakubu Ayigbeni in a match.

Source Ghana Soccer


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