On Laylatul Qadr?s night or night of a 27th day of Ramadan what had happened at a mosque in front of Al Qassimia Hospital, which is also called as Salah Bukhatir?s Mosque, almost all people from Sharjah or maybe other emirates too wants to pray at Salah Bukhatir?s Mosque. Why?
So many people Indians, Pakistanis, Iranis, Syrians, Palestinians, Jordanians etc. were there. All people wanted to pray there because they like Salah Bukhatir?s recitation.
People came there with children, one lady came with her 6 year?s old son to pray there since 8?o clock just to grab a place in the masjid but people there drag her from one area of a masjid to another and when she moved there they asked her to go in a tent which is for ladies with bachas (children), specially the ladies were Syrian or Iranis or maybe Jordanian?s who were controlling the whole mosque. She went in a tent and waited there for 4 and a half hours to start qayam ul Layl special prayer for big night, in the corner of a masjid she kept the place for her and her 6 years old child just to stand there very tightly, so she can pray there. The lady was Pakistani and middle eastern ladies as they can speak Arabic they always think priority on Asians and think more and pure Muslims then Asian?s specially Pakistanis and Indians, ordered that lady to give her boy?s place to them, every one wanted to sit her boy?s place, she cried she said she kept this small place since 4 and half hours and when Qayam ul layl is just about to start now you want this place. When she denied giving that place to them those ladies start abusing and praying bad for that lady. Every where the same situation was going on people who were sitting already, the new comer?s ladies wanted to grab their place. They were fighting and even sitting in front of them so when salah (Prayer) will start they will adjust themselves. Some women in the tent just not start fighting with each other?s but also beating too. Someone called police, shurties (lady police) came inside in the tent and start asking ladies with children to go out from tent and sit on road and pray there, so the ladies sitting there for 4, and maybe 5 hours had to leave the place.

When shurties asking mother with children to go out some Irani ladies asked that lady who was sitting with 6 years old boy to send her boy to them so the police will not ask them to send her boy and her to go out.
So, the rule was only for Indian and Pakistanis.

It was difficult for them to sit in 40 degree centigrade with their children, if they wanted to leave that place too, first they need to search for their shoes which was not only difficult but impossible as so many ladies were there and not a single beam of light was there and if by chance someone found their shoes too still they don?t leave that place because those who came by their own cars, the cars were blocked and those who wanted to leave by taxis the roads were blocked.

So they had to stay in that hot whether and made their children also to suffer and bear all that. Sharjah government had also not done any preparation for people. As they may put more tents with A/c or put sprinklers as Saudies put in Arafat, they had to put fans with mists or at least simple fans. Every year they know so many people come there to pray so only media and police security they had arranged and left everything else on Allah that only Allah may protect these people who want to pray under this hot temperature with their children.

So many people were fell down just after prayer and duas had finished. Maybe 1 or 2 old age ladies had died too. Not sure.

My question is the same ? Is Salah Bukhatir an obsession or a trend?? and
Why Mufties don?t made any rules for parents with children of certain age or just stop them to come in the Masjids?

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