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Apostle Kofi Nkansah-Sarkodie, General Overseer of the Open Arms Ministries/Jesus Chapel

Ghana is immune against terrorist activities, the General Overseer of the Open Arms Ministries/Jesus Chapel in Kumasi, Apostle Kofi Nkansah-Sarkodie has said.

The Kumasi-based Minister of the Gospel who claims to be representative of Jesus on earth said the divine protection bestowed on Ghana supersede the one Israel was endowed with.

The servant of God, who was addressing a section of the media and his congregation in Kumasi on Wednesday (August 23) at a Special thanksgiving service to mark the complete spiritual independence of Ghana following the declaration of Ghana and Kumasi as the nation and headquarters of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ on Earth, allayed fears of Ghanaians that intrusion of terrorists must be ruled out.

“By the authority vested in me as Jesus representative on earth, I say on authority that no terrorist activities can take place in Ghana”, he stressed adding that all satanic activities in Ghana have been banned.

He has therefore cautioned satanic groupings and agents of Satan in government and Parliament to resign before they are exposed else they would incur the wrath of God.

The church leader and veteran radio evangelist also frowned on illegal mining activities and cautioned people who engage in the practice against the dangers of mining activities citing flooding which can be devastating.

Apostle Nkansah-Sarkodie also known as Saint Sark appealed to the government to take steps to guard against unauthorized development on water ways and river bodies.

He said the government must be bold and demolish any such buildings including churches on water ways and river beds to avert dangers of flooding and save lives and property to avoid the recurrence of the Sierra Leone landslide in Ghana.
“The disaster can happen to Ghana no matter how hard we pray against natural calamities if we disregard environmental measures”, he said.

The pastor also warned government officials against the canker of bribery and corruption calling for the cessation of the 10% syndrome in government circles.

He said any official who dips his hands in national coffers would face the consequences before they enjoy their booty.
Saint Sark said the importation of buses should be stopped to give a boost to the operations of the Neoplan Assembling plant in Kumasi.

By: Bruce Misbahu Bulmuo