The master plan would articulate a strong and clear vision, identify game-changing investments and actions to attract and channel public and private investments, skills development and measures to modernise public services.


Mr Charles Bugre, Chief Executive Officer of SADA, at a news conference in Accra said the Authority has developed a long-term development plan complemented by specific sectoral and urban master plans for the rapid transformation of the SADA zone.

The zone occupies 54.4 per cent of the land area of the country, comprising 64 administrative districts in the Northern, Upper West, Upper East regions and the northern parts of the Volta and Brong Ahafo regions.

He said SADA is learning from the experiences of Surbana International Pte, a Singapore’s leading institution on urban planning and design as well as housing.

The Authority would work with Surbana International Pte, town and country planning department and the National Development Planning Commission to build an integrated data management system including high resolution maps.

“It will also undertake socio-economic analysis and review planning framework aimed at positioning the zone, developing a unique regional vision, specific economic sector and environment plans”, he added.

Mr Bugre said through the partnership there would he human resource training for Tamale Metropolitan Assembly and the Buipe District to assist them manage their city plans and support investment promotion.

He explained that the Authority is mandated to provide planning guidance to government to ensure accelerated, comprehensive and integrated development of the Northern Savannah Ecological zone.

Mr Bugre said the plan is necessitated because the Authority’s five-year operational plan expired in December 2015 and there is the need to establish and align its renewed vision and priorities with the nation”s long term development plan.

He said the process involved consultations, review of literature and high level technical support to be organised in advisory committees and foreign technical assistance.

Mr Bugre said the Authority would introduce commercial agriculture investment guide with support from the Soil Research Institute, Queiroz Galvao of Brazil.

The guide would complement the efforts of the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre and the Ministry of Trade and Industry to promote investment.



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