At the Ghana International Trade Fair in Tamale Saturday March 5, 2016, John Mahama said SADA is back on track and it is going to be a vehicle for the accelerated development of the savannah zone of the country.

Mahama“When SADA was formed, we realised that the challenges that were needed to be addressed in the savannah zone were very difficult challenges, and, so, it was the determination of government to let SADA hit the ground running, but often you can’t force a baby to walk,” Mahama said.

He said, “It must crawl before it walks. So, in the hurry to let SADA start running as quickly as possible, there were challenges, as a result of the fact that it structurally had not been set up properly, and, did not get half the government systems to carry out its work effectively and, so, of course we suffered setbacks,” adding that “but I am very happy and very proud that a new management board and the chief executive and management of SADA have appropriately repositioned SADA to be able to achieve the vision that we set it up to achieve.”

According to the President, several documents have been made that create the platform for attracting more investments into Ghana ‘……….. and I want to thank the partners, who have worked with SADA to produce most of these feasibility study documents.”

“A comprehensive feasibility of the agricultural potential of the whole savannah zone has been drawn up and it makes it even easy for any investor, who wants to come and invest in the agricultural potential of the north, to pick that document and be able to gain all the information about soil types, the kind of crops that can be able to grow in which part of the Savannah zone and I think that that is the kind of role that we expect that SADA should be playing” he said.



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