Court Judges
Court Judges

Following the dismissal of some corrupt judges implicated in the judicial scandal, the Judicial Council is set swear in new judges to fill the spaces created after the dismissal.
In 2015, the foundation Ghana’s judicial system was shaken when a three hour judicial corruption documentary undertaken by ace investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas and his Tiger Eye PI investigative team was released to the public’s eye.

The Judicial Corruption Scandal video, titled, “Ghana in the eyes of God, Epic of injustice” implicated over 100 judicial officers of which 34 were judges provoked huge public out cry, forcing the Chief Justice to institute investigations against the indicted judges.

In all 20 circuit court judges and magistrates were dismissed after they were caught taking bribes to decide on cases before them.

Their criminal activities were recorded and exposed by Anas and his Tiger Eye PI investigative team after two years of painstaking investigations.

The judges were dismissed after they were given a hearing by the Judicial Council.



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