Rwanda’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) showed an increase of seven percent in 2014, according to revised data issued Tuesday in Kigali by the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda.


Official data indicated that the East African nation’s GDP at current market prices in 2014 was estimated to be 77 billion U.S. dollars.
In 2014, agriculture sector grew by five percent while the industry sector grew by six percent and service sector increased by nine percent, it said.
Growth in 2014 was mainly driven by food crops and the house construction sector which contributed with 1.3 pct and 0.6 pct to the national economic growth, the institute said.
In addition, data showed that Rwandan exports in 2014 grew by 15 percent and imports 31 percent which resulted in a 841 billion Rwandan Francs surplus in the balance of trade in goods and services, the report said.
Currently the per capita income of Rwanda’s middle class is estimated to be 718 U.S. dollars in 2014. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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