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Ancient Rwandan artifacts including pictures which had been taken to Germany have been returned to their home country, officials announced here on Sunday.

The artifacts include those used in Rwanda during Germany colonial rule such as pictures, songs and texts which had been taken to Germany after the end of its colonial period in Rwanda.


“We managed to get a lot of pictures in Germany that show how the life in Rwanda was between around 1898 and 1900,” Dr. Peter Woeste, German ambassador to Rwanda said at the inauguration of a new museum exhibiting the artifacts in Rwandan capital Kigali.

He said no body had seen the pictures before, describing them as still amazing.

“It is not about the colonial history, it should give Rwandans the opportunity to learn more history, it is an opportunity for many school children to learn more history,” he said.

The new museum is located inside the Richard Kandt house in Kigali city center, formerly Rwanda’s natural history museum hosting fauna and flora products which were transferred to environmental museum in Karongi, western Rwanda earlier this year.

The museum was named after Dr. Richard Kandt, first German resident in Rwanda who lived between 1907 and 1914.

The envoy said many of the pictures were found in Germany after deliberate search for them and cleaning to be put on modern display.

“We even found some tapes, where they have materials such as voices of traditions, of dances and music and of people who lived hundreds of years ago, and I think it is better to bring school children to study,” said Woeste.

The inaugurated museum was set up in partnership between National Institute of Museums in Rwanda and Germany’s Rhineland-Palatinate state. Enditem

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