YFM Dialogues with the Youth

Rwandan annual National Dialogue Council, a forum where participants debate issues relating to the state of the nation, the state of local government and national unity, concluded Tuesday by highlighting the role of the youth for national transformation efforts.

First taking place in 2003, National Dialogue Council, locally known as Umushyikirano, is attended by members of the cabinet and parliament, representatives of the Rwandan community abroad, local government, media, the diplomatic community and others invited by the president.

The forum aims to be a leading example of participatory and inclusive governance, where Rwandans have the opportunity to ask questions to their leaders.

Tuesday’s discussions are chaired by Rwandan President Paul Kagame and attended by other senior government leaders. Participants also include over 2,500 Rwandans from across the country and diaspora.

The Youth in Rwanda had a front role in the destruction but there is no doubt today that they are and will continue to be the drive of Rwanda’s transformation, said Rwandan minister of youth Rosemary Mbabazi at a panel discussion on youth at the center of transformation during the two-day forum.

Rwandan entrepreneur Jaures Habineza who joined the discussion said the post-genocide generations of Rwanda must have the humility to serve the country, adding that the youth are Rwanda’s pillars and the youth’s values will guide their way through transformation.

The forum also saw eight resolutions under the categories of education, health, economy and culture. They include stressing the need to keep taking necessarily measures and changes aimed to improve quality of education in all education sectors, increasing health infrastructures and capacity building of medical personnel, sensitizing parents about giving their children balanced diet, among others.

Rwanda has to take of drugs seriously and cannot allow Rwandan youth to go to waste, said Kagame in his closing speech of the forum, which he said is productive.

“You cannot afford to waste any opportunity. Drug abuse has lifetime consequences to your lives, some which are irreversible,” he told young people.

He advised the youth to mind the well-being and to develop patriotic spirit for their country, and shouldn’t let the fear of failure or taking risks stand in their ways.

He also called on Rwandan leadership to maintain key values of serving, respecting and listening to citizens, fighting corruption and abuse of office, using public resources effectively, as well as treating every Rwandan equally and giving women and girls the respect they deserve. Enditem

Source: Xinhua/NewsGhana.com.gh



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