Rwanda still faces a challenge of clean water among rural dwellers, and close to 393 of the 1,029 rural water supply systems need urgent rehabilitation, according to official data.

James Sano, chief executive of the country’s Water and Sanitation Corporation (WASAC), said Thursday the goal to achieve 100 percent clean water coverage will be achieved considering the fact that the supply systems are going to be fixed.


“More than half of the Rwandan population has access to clean water. This is a good effort, but more needs to be done. We are focusing on achieving the target in the next two years,” he noted.

WASAC Statistics indicate that access to safe water across the country currently stands at 74 percent, while almost three million people nationwide.

Sano said the government and other partners had invested heavily in construction of the supply systems.

About 700 private operators have been trained and are currently grouped in associations as a step to ensure proper maintenance of water systems, he added. Enditem

source: Xinhua


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