Rwanda recorded a 4 % increase in external merchandise trade between January and December 2014, representing 2,370.21 million U.S. dollars, according to the country’s National Institute of Statistics (NIS). Rwanda 100 Franc 2003.alt.300dpi
The External Trade Statistics report released Wednesday indicates that the country has earned more from mining products including mainly niobium, vanadium ores and tantalum.
The institute said that for imports, there have been no changes in top five origins of imports: China, Uganda, India, Kenya and United Arab Emirates.
The report shows that for the period January – December 2014, coffee, not roasted, not decaffeinated fetched 58.04 million U.S. dollars while other partly fermented tea, amounted for 37.90 million U.S. dollars, earning more revenue than any of the country’s exports.
The total trade volume in 2014 has increased by 4% compared to the year 2013 (2,276.45 million U.S. dollars) and it was made up of exports worth 452.82 million U.S. dollars, imports valued at 1, 718.41 million U.S. dollars and re-exports worth 198.99 million U. S. dollars, said the report.
Giving reasons for the decline in imports, the institute said: “The decline in imports in 2014, relative to the previous year, resulted from the decline of some products such as telephones, sugar and oil.”
In addition, African countries purchased form Rwanda 37 percent higher than they did in 2013. Enditem



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