Rwanda, Congo

Rwanda and the Republic of Congo Sunday signed an agreement to facilitate cooperation in various areas such as planning and finance process.

Rwanda’s Finance Minister Claver Gatete said the areas of cooperation will range from local government to central government level.

The key areas of cooperation include statistics, planning, investment, public financial management, budget process, and taxation.

The cooperation will facilitate sharing of public financial management system considering that Rwanda has integrated financial management system, said Gatete.

It also includes sharing information on business management and learning from each other, according to the minister.

He explained that the move is in line with African Union guidance on proposed reforms.

Callixte Nganong, the minister of finance and budget of the Republic of Congo, said the deal was part of the concrete steps towards African integration agenda.

He hoped his country would especially gain from the cooperation in areas of statistics.

“We are privileged to have oil revenues which requiring strong statistics. I have learnt that Rwanda could soon host a school of excellence in statistics that could serve the youth in the whole of Africa which is good move to strengthen statistics use,” he said.


Source: Xinhua/