The cost of internet capacity globally has been going down significantly which should enable Rwandan end users to enjoy advantages in terms of affordable connection, experts said on Wednesday at a meeting in Rwanda’s capital city Kigali.

The meeting organized by Rwanda Information and Communication Technology Association was held to discuss ways to develop the internet economy as well as accelerate uptake of internet connectivity.

“The more we have networks connected to exchange point, the more we have content that is accessed easily at a cheap cost by end users. This can significantly promote the internet in Rwanda as well as grow the internet economy,” said Ghislain Nkeramugaba, the chief executive of Rwanda Information and Communication Technology Association, a non-profit Rwandan private association comprising different ICT institutions and individuals in Rwanda.

There has been an increase in internet penetration rate in the country from 1.6 percent seven years ago to 36 percent presently, according to the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority.

The east African country managed to enhance ICT infrastructure by establishing a national data center that can centralize information storage, management and protection, as well as using cloud computing facilities.

A national fiber-optic backbone network connecting Rwanda to international sea cables was deployed, which boosted internet accessibility and affordability while connecting Rwandans to global networks. Enditem

Source: Xinhua/


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