Colombian Reinaldo Rueda who used to coach both teams, said it would be a difficult for Colombia.

wpid-Russia2018.jpg“It will be a hard-fought match because both teams have been playing strong. Colombia had an excellent and intelligent match against Bolivia and Ecuador, despite the draw with Paraguay, is very powerful and mature,” said Rueda, 58, who led Colombia to Germany 2006 World Cup and coached Ecuador to Brazil 2014.

The Ecuadorian team arrived on Sunday in Barranquilla and held a training season at sea level.

On Monday, both teams will train in Metropolitano Stadium.

Colombia and Ecuador, both led by Argentine coaches – Jose Nestor Pekerman and Gustavo Quintero respectively, will play on Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. local time.

The neighbor teams will play on Wednesday at Metropolitano Stadium in Colombia’s northern city of Barranquilla, where thousands of visitors are still enjoying Easter vacations this week. Endit

Source: Xinhua


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