Top UK-based Afrobeats artiste Fuse ODG said he made his half a million record selling single, ?Million Pound Girl? to elevate women.

The song which debuted at number 14 on the UK Singles Chart went up to number 5 over a short period.

Discussing the inspiration behind the track, the British-Ghanaian rapper said he wanted the track to diffuse negative perceptions that people hold about women and at the same time empowers them.

?The inspiration is for me to represent women in such positive way and not just positive but also for it to stand against such American songs that talk in a certain way about girls,? Fuse ODG told STARR DRIVE host Bola Ray.

?You know sometimes when the pastor is talking people don?t listen but when Lil Wayne is talking people listen. So I?m like a pastor talking like Lil Wayne but in a good way. So it can be played in the club and girls can twerk to it but in the same time I?m elevating them,? he joked.

Fuse ODG said Afrobeats is a movement that will soon take over the world.

He added: ?Afrobeats is like the biggest black music in the UK right now due to the fact that we are pushing it as a movement and so they love it out there. Every day you will hear our music on the radio which was not happening before and the average person is listening to our music in their kitchens and living rooms and we are representing like that??

He said the movement is positive because it is helping change all the negative perception some people have about Ghanaians and Africans as a whole.

?Ghana is running things in the UK right now. In the top 10 is a Ghanaian? it?s us running it in the UK so definitely we are making it.?

The highest selling black male in the UK is in Ghana to shoot a new music video:


Source: starrfmonline.com


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