The case was brought by the cousin of the man who was killed, Jean Charles de Menezes, who has said criminal charges should have been sought against the police officers.

africa_2005.1211196720.police-shooting-in-joburg---bbc-pictureDe Menezes lived at the same London address as two terrorist suspects, which was placed under surveillance after suicide bombings in the city’s transport network killed 56 people in early July 2005. On July 21, unexploded bombs were found on a city bus, raising already strained tensions.

On July 22, 2005, de Menezes was pinned down by special firearms officers and shot several times in the head while he was in a transport station on his way to work. A police commission report concluded the killing of an innocent man “happened because of mistakes that could and should have been avoided.”

The commission did not, however, recommend disciplinary measures against the individual officers.

The ECHR said British authorities hadn’t pursued criminal charges because they considered there to be “insufficient evidence to show that the mistakes made by the police officers involved in planning the operation were so bad as to amount to criminal conduct.”

The ECHR is an organ of the Council of Europe – a human rights watchdog that consists of 47 member states.

Source: GNA


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