Ruggedized computersThe industrial panel PC is designed to provide exceptional computing in the harshest of conditions. Ruggedized computers are utilized in multiple areas and are generally recognized for their high-speed, long-lasting productivity. The indoor/outdoor PC is used in multiple places. Find out more about this powerful all weather units.

The powerful industrial panel PC was created to operate at optimal levels in the harshest of environments. Each unit is compatible in harsh environments due to their external casing and completely unique internal design. The ruggedized computer meets the qualifications of the term rugged. It is specifically designed to provide exceptional computing without breakdown or hindrance despite moisture, vibration, dust, high-pressure water, boiling water, and more. The industrial computers are utilised in a variety of industries and serve multiple purposes including medical applications, food industry services, and industrial automation. Due to their high-speed and long-lasting productivity they are highly useful for extreme conditions. If you are looking for a computer that are able to withstand all without faltering, wearing down, hesitating, or losing data, then this is the perfect product for you.

Each unit is created to endure intense heat as well as intense cold and is cleanable with boiling water and the harshest of industry-standard cleaners. Continuous updates are provided to continually stay on the cutting edge of technology. The software provided is industry-leading as well as suitable with the needs of multiple industrial fields such as the food production and the medical field. The ruggedized computer is an industrial panel PC.

The high efficiency unit is complete with a quiet and slim design. The touch screen provides easy readability in harsh conditions such as glaring sunlight, extreme heat and vibration. The TFT displays and resistant touch screen panels are designed for basic convenience while using heavy industry grade gloves. It becomes an added bonus as easy and correct input is realistic while using protective gloves. The software given is faster than Windows 7 and all materials used are produced with the highest grade materials available in the industry.

The distinctive internal design of the industrial computers permits them to experience vibration, high-pressure water, shaking and more without suffering from the loss of important data or expensive equipment malfunctions. The internal board provides a unique design that provides flexibility and movement without losing crucial data or experiencing hesitation. This technology is one of advanced in the industry providing an internal design which displays high-speed and long life. These units are leaders in the industry because of their distinctive internal and external design. Each unit is 100% enclosed in a stainless steel casing which provides easy and simple cleaning with the harshest industry grade cleansers and boiling water; it is joint and groove free to create a 100% hygienic surface. The fanless industrial panel PC delivers smooth and quiet functioning.

The industrial panel PC provides exceptional service for pharmaceutical production, medical applications, manufacturing, industrial automation, food production, and much more. For additional information on these industry-leading units and to find out how they can provide your business with the best computing available contact an expert who can provide you with detailed information on the best options for serving your specific needs. The ruggedized computers are engineered internally and externally to provide the longest lasting computing in the harshest of conditions.

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