COCAINE BARRONESS! Ruby Adu Gyamfi aka Nayele Ametefeh aka Angel
COCAINE BARRONESS! Ruby Adu Gyamfi aka Nayele Ametefeh aka Angel

Ruby Ametefe, Africa’s narcotics Cleopatra, walked majestically like the Queen of England through the VIP lounge of Ghana’s only international airport ,the Kotoka International Airport, carrying along with her a whopping 12.5kg of cocaine to the UK, hoping it was her day in the sun, only for her hopes to be dashed when the ever-reliable security offices at Heathrow busted her.

COCAINE BARRONESS! Ruby Adu Gyamfi aka Nayele Ametefeh aka Angel
COCAINE BARRONESS! Ruby Adu Gyamfi aka Nayele Ametefeh aka Angel

Nayele Ruby Ametefe, by every stretch of the imagination, is so dear to the faint hearts of the ruling party, leading to ministers, deputy ministers and self-acclaimed government communicators to debase themselves by appointing themselves unofficial spokespersons for enigmatic Ruby Mahama, a.k.a., ‘Angel’. What was more worrying was the inconsistencies with which they passionately defended Nayele Ametefe. The denials, lies and inconsistencies flew in from all angles even when Ruby had not whispered a word as to how she managed to travel through Kotoka with cocaine without notice. Suffice it to say that Ghanaians have been bombarded with information already supplied with our numerous press releases over this issue, so let us delve into the substantive matter.

During Ruby’s trial, her attorney supplied the court and the world with a juicy info about a supposedly powerful lady being her prime accomplice. She also, through the same lawyer, alluded to the fact that there are some powerful government officials who are her partners in crime. This revealing admission is hugely in tandem with events which panned out when she was arrested. These questions are begging for answers;
1. Why were government officials, including ministers and communicators, gallivanting from one radio and television station to another vehemently defending debauched Naayele Ruby Ametefe if this administration isn’t complicit in this saga? Their unholy defence of Ruby goes to show that government is in the known as to the officials who have always been in bed with Ruby.

2. Why is Mahama showing no interest in investigating this matter further to apprise Ghanaians of the nitty-gritty of this scandal that has caused an excruciating pain to our reputation as a nation?
3. Why are we not interested in the brains behind Ruby’s uninhibited passage through the VIP lounge of the Kotoka International Airport?

United for Change Movement is of the firmest belief that this NDC government is the owner of these criminals hiding behind the corridors of power, perpetrating heinous crimes against Ghanaians and the world in its entirety. Government and its hired agents should spare us the absurdity of blaming other people for their naked incompetence in handling this issue! Ladies and gentlemen, the Mahama administration cannot absolve itself from blame for this international debacle brought upon us, thanks to their dearest Ruby Mahama.
We must bring sunshine to this scandal, and Mahama must lead the way, and this is our genuine call!






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