The first round of the Eastern Regional Division Two League ended over the weekend.

The first round witnessed some interesting matches as well as excellent display by the teams with lots of end to end action, goals, wild jubilations and excitement at the match venues.

In the outstanding matches played over the weekend, in Zone two, Eastern Rovers drew 2-2 with Trinity White Stars, whiles in zone 3, Unique FC won 2-1 against Real Tigers FC.

Results of other matches played are, Ultimate FC 2-2 Dobro Cosmos FC in a zone four outstanding match, whiles in zone five Odwenanoma FC lost 1-2 to Believers FC, Kwahu Warriors FC won 2-0 against Kwahu Youth Academy with Storm Academy defeating Orisco FC 2-1.

In zone eight, Kotoku Leeds Academy won 2-1 at home against Akroso Royal FC and in zone nine, Panthers FC defeated Sharp Arrows FC 2-0.

Other outstanding matches to be played are Unique FC against Koforidua United FC in zone three, at the Old Tafo Park, whiles in zone one, Right to Dream has six outstanding matches to play due to the call up of five of their players for national assignments.

The Regional Football Association (RFA) will hold a meeting with all the stakeholders to deliberate on the success and challenges of the first round and fix a date for the commencement of the second round.

The standings of the league table at the end of the first round are as follows in the various zones.

Zone 1: Krystal Palace 19 points, Akosombo FC 15 points, Dream Chasers 13 points, Bazuka FC 13 points, Real Kpong United 11 points, Akosombo United 9 points, Right to Dream 7 points, Akroso Heroes FC 7 points, Bright Stars FC 6 points, Tallons FC 4 points.

Zone 2: Eastern Rovers 8 points, Trinity White Stars 6 points, Top Heroes FC 3 points, United Black Eagles 3 points and Bingy FC 3 points.

Zone 3: Koforidua United FC 12 points, Unique FC 10 points, Real Tiger FC 9 points, Galaxy FC 7 points, Susubiribi SC 5 points, Appointed FC 4 points, K.K Adonteng 4 points.

Zone 4: Adams FC 19 points, Victory FC 14 points, Adeiso United FC 14 points, Densu Rovers FC 9 points, Ultimate FC 8 points, Aracom FC 6 points, Dobro Cosmos FC 5 points, Agape FC 1 point.

Zone 5: Storm Academy 12 points, Kwahu Youth Academy 9 points, Kwahu Warriors 6 points, Believers FC 6 points, Orisco FC 6 points, Odwenanomaa FC no point.

Zone 7: B.S Pelicans 9 points, Veterans FC 8, Champions FC 8 points, Okuraseman SC 6 points, Young Liberty 5 points, Satellites FC 4 points.

Zone 8: Asuoso Ember 8 points, Akroso Royals 8 points, Real Gold FC 6 points, Kotoku Leeds Academy 4 points, Leicester FC 4 points, Shekinah Glory FC no point.

Zone 9: Cardiff FC, Vision Explorers 5 points, Panthers FC 4 points, Sharp Arrows FC 1 point.

Zone 10: Verum Ipsum Academy 7 points, Skyboom FC 5 points, Deportivo FC 4 points, Great Warriors 3 points, Dream Football Academy no point.

Zone 11, Basco FC 6 points, Young Kotoko 6 points, A.C Milan FC 3 points, Vidako FC no point.