Africa Map
Africa Map

Soon have they

Yeah, forgotten


Memories of the recent past have been stolen away

Poisonous roots are gaining grounds


Roots of unity are fading

Roots of peace are perishing

Roots of love; long gone

Roots of oneness left alone


Mandela!? Mandela

Away did you go with the roots of love, peace, unity, togetherness?

Resurface Mandela; hatred, conflicts, divisions have kicked all the positives!


Have they

Been eluded?

We jubilated as one people; Africa

Yes, our freedom!


And now…

Home! Sweat home!

A foreigner in my own land; Africa

A foreigner in another man’s land


Who then am I—?

An alien—?

A foreigner everywhere?



Oh mother Africa

Fast asleep are you

Children are ruling

In the land of your daughter Africa is chaos





The daughters of beautiful Africa

Are losing their beauty

For the sake of beautiful Africa

Sleep no longer

Eagle-watch each daughter’s growth!


Source: ?Michael A. Alung

[email protected]



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