For the first time, united company Ruselectronics (part of Rostec State Corporation) has presented its storage system with biometric access control within the framework of the “Information Technology of Industrial Russia 2017” conference. The smart safe vault for particularly valuable effects provides two-stage access control using 3D face and iris recognition techniques.

The storage system has a built-in camera that identifies an individual and captures two of his biometric details, i.e. quasi 3D model of his face, and his iris. The solution provides high-grade security access control. For example, unlike fingerprints, the mentioned data is hard to forge. On top of that, the vault is easy to use: you don’t have to remember the number of your safe deposit box, or carry a card or a paper slip. The system automatically unlocks the necessary box after identifying and verifying the owner. The biometric recognition takes a maximum of 3 to 5 seconds.

The system has a wide range of applications: it can be used in automatic luggage lockers at railway stations and airports, in mailboxes in apartment blocks, in automated parcel lockers, and in safe deposit boxes in banks. Furthermore, the solution is especially relevant to law enforcement agencies that require high-level security for their weapon storage units.

The camera has an option of remote computer control and management via local area network. Over time, it will become possible to use this function via a smartphone or even a smartwatch. This reliable system is highly autonomous in operation and requires minimum maintenance costs.

As part of Ruselectronics, NPO Impulse is developing the system. Its prototype has already undergone trials and proved successful. The safe vault’s configuration and security level can be modified upon the customer’s request. It can be supplemented with a security CCTV and an alarm. The system is currently adopted at the NPO Impulse office, where it’s installed at the entrance to a classified unit and is used to store cellphones.

The “Information Technology of Industrial Russia 2017” conference, sponsored by Rostec State Corporation, is held on May 24-27, 2017, in Innopolis (the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia).

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