Ronaldo Shot Breaks Child's Wrist


Watch Ronaldo?s Free Kick Which Broke The Wrist Of A 11-year-old???????

An 11-year-old football fan has been left with a broken wrist after being hit by a wayward free kick from superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

Charlie Silverwood was left doubled-over in agony after the 35-yard rocket broke his wrist in two places.

But he was so determined not to miss the rest of his team Bournemouth?s friendly against Real Madrid on Sunday that he stayed for the remaining 84 minutes.

After the match he went to hospital, where X-rays revealed his double fracture.

?It?s one of the most spectacular ways you can get your arm broken,? he said.

?I?d have to say I?d prefer doing it this way then just falling out of a tree like my dad did it.

?You wouldn?t expect this to happen to anybody. If I hadn?t put my left hand up, took the brunt of the force on my palm, I?d have ended up with no front teeth.?

His father Lee, who is also a Bournemouth fan, said: ?One minute we were watching Ronaldo stand over the ball and the next it was flying towards Charlie.?

Ronaldo, 28, scored twice as the Spanish giants hammered the Championship side 6-0.

Real Madrid sent a signed shirt to Charlie via Bournemouth legend Steve Fletcher, to cheer him up.

He also got a ball signed by the Bournemouth team.

Watch the video below?

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