The youth has been described as the future generation leaders, which is going to lead the nation and the world.

imageThey are encouraged by words like ?leaders of tomorrow?. The world is in deep need of such people who hold the fervor of leading a nation or doing good deeds. In the present scenario of Nigeria, the nation is in deep need of intellectual youth. The present politicians on large are not suffice to lead the nation. Therefore, in order to develop the country, there?s an urgent need of youthful figures.

The young Nigerians have young blood, which can handle situations in a better way. According to the latest studies, youth are the ones who are aware of latest things, about which the old people may not be aware. The old saying, ?slow and steady wins the race? has been replaced by, ?fast and competent wins the race.?

Every person (youth) has his own ability. The new generation has many fine ideas of completing a task and has better leadership qualities, which many people don?t have. It is they who can take us out of the fix.

Young politicians need not have a political background. They need to have zeal and desire to serve the nation. It shouldn?t be on the basis of reservation quota. Neither layman should enter politics nor illiterates should enter it until and unless they understand what politics is all about. If backward groups have to be encouraged, it should be on the primary level.

It is pathetic that the today Nigeria youth is describing politics as a dirty game, which is not true. They are opting for professions like Doctors, Engineers, etc but hardly 1%-15% goes in politics. Why? Is it because they are reliable on our antiquated people who are holding antiquated thoughts and customs?

According to my father, Late Hon. Arerebo GoodGod Salaco Snr. “Politics means serving people and helping the backward communities to come forward and lead a better life”

Youth group like IJAW YOUTH COUNCIL (IYC), PEOPLE PF INTELLECTUAL VISIONS (PIVhouse) is not form to increase the unawareness or whatsoever but to aware the people that ?yes, youth can do much more than what they expected them to do.?

If the youngsters don?t come up with new and better ideas, how will we progress? Won?t we be the same old people who don?t know what progress means?. Youth can handle it in a different way, as winners are not the ones who do different things but who do things differently. I?m sure they would have sought out some better and peaceful methods of taking people out of the dilemma.

Talking about the bomb blasts in various places in the northern part of Nigeria, it is the youth that is doing such impish act. In each and every corner of the city you?ll find two youth skirmishing with each other. Instead why don?t they opt in for good things? Why do they do all such things? Most probably because they hate peaceful areas and love to disgrace themselves. The funny accept of it is that, most of them (youths) are engineer or motivated by the so called desperate and selfless politicians for their political interest.

The current political scenario in Nigeria needs young blood to change the old political scenario into Youngistan!

Comr. Arerebo Salaco Yerinmene Peter’s
New Generation Ijaw Youth Advocate


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