Rohan Marley (pictured right), 40, the son of the late-reggae artist Bob Marley and the baby daddy of five of R&B songstress Lauryn Hill?s children, has postponed his nuptials to his Brazilian supermodel fianc?e, reports MSN Brazil.

Rohan got engaged to Isabeli Fontana (pictured left), 28in May, after reportedly dating for a year.  Once Rohan, who like his father is a Rastafarian, announced the engagement, the couple openly discussed heading to Ethiopia to wed since the destination is where the spiritual movement Rastafari got its foundation; Fontana has also been quoted as saying that they wanted to go to the Rastafari birthplace so that their marriage would last forever.

According to published reports, though, Fontana explained that the reason she and Rohan are delaying the nuptials is because they are already romantic and intimate and she does not want to change the groove meter.


There is speculation that the marriage was postponed because Fontana?s children don?t want to meet Rohan?s kids and want to remain with friends.

Ironically, fans of Hill thought that she would wind up with Rohan?s ring.  Meeting in 1996, Hill would often refer to Rohan as her ?husband.?

When Hill had her sixth child last year, every eye was on Rohan, but he denied being the Father.  It is rumored that Fontana was the ?other woman? who broke up Hill and Rohan after 15 years.

Fontana has two sons from a previous marriage, and one is named Zion. Rohan and Hill?s oldest child is also named Zion. Rohan, the former football player and now clothing, coffee, and eco-friendly headphones manufacturer, was also married previously and had two children from his college sweetheart, who was his first wife.

As of late, Hill has been embroiled in some legal issues.Hill pleaded guilty in a New Jersey courtroom to evading federal taxes on $1.8 million earned between 2005 and 2007.  The singer faces a maximum one-year sentence for each of the three counts.



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