A rock singer who fronted a successful band that collaborated with rapper Game for a minor hit single, is facing up to 30 years in prison, for swindling a bank out of $6 million. Robert Mawhinney aka Robb University, fronted the band Lights Over Paris, which featured Game in their video ?I?m Not A Gangsta.? Mawhinney is accused of obtaining four different fraudulent loans from CoAmerica, and using the money to bankroll his music career.

Prosecutors allege that Mawhinney, 30, claimed that he was a millionaire, thanks to royalties he earned by ghostwriting for other musicians.

Mawhinney is accused of inflating his net worth to $8 million, when he was really only worth about $10,000.

In addition to living in a luxury penthouse in downtown Los Angeles, the band traveled around the world and even had a customized tour bus that cost $750,000.

The singer also sent hundreds of thousands of dollars to Cyprus, but authorities did not elaborate.

Meanwhile, two brothers who worked with Mawhinney were also charged with obtaining $1.2 million in fraudulent loans, so they could run a recording studio.

Matt Salazar, 29, and his brother, Jason Salazar, 28, also provided phony documents for the recording studio

Mawhinney is being held without bond, because he was labeled a flight risk.

He?s scheduled to be arraigned on February 11.

Check out Lights Over Paris? video with Game below:



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