… Males Suffered More Death Than Females

The Motor Traffic and Transport Unit (MTTU) of the Ghana Police Service, has released total figures of road traffic accidents which occured last year, 2012.

During the period 2,249 deaths and 14,181 sustaining injuries out of 14,914 vehicular accidents which involve 21,817 vehicles.

The release also revealed that, in 2011 the naiton recorded a total of 13,572 accidents involving 19,530 vehicles.

The release sighned by the Commander of Motor Traffic Unit (MTTU), ACP Aguwutubuge Awumi, noted that, a total of 2,330 road users were also affected in the accidents within the past years.

According to the release, between 2008 and 2012, as many as 9441 road users perished through vehicular accidents while 55,798 others sustained various degress of injuries making them very difficult to engage in any meaningful productive ventures.

The release stressed that in 2008 1,520 people perished out of road traffic accidents adding that, 7,433 others also sustained various degrees of injuries.

The death toll in road traffic accidents cases increased nationwide to 1,587 the following year, 9,765 cases were recorded with many injured reported.

In 2012, the death toll rose to 1,769 alongside 11,147 injuries.

The release pointed out that, in 2011, the reported road accidents increased, recording 2330.

According to the release, more???? males perish in these road traffic accidents than females, it said out of 6,336 deaths? recorded between 2010 and 2012 as many as 4,652 were males while the rest were females.

The release recorded that in 2011, 1,706 males died as against 624 females as a result of road traffic accidents.

In 2012, 1,746 were recorded dead as against that of females 503.

The release also turned its reports on some of the regions noting that, Accra and Tema alone in the Greater Accra Region alone recorded 6,436 accidents involving 8746 vehicles injuring 3,772 and 371 deaths in 2011.

In 2012, in Accra and Tema alone 6,944 road traffic accidents were recorded. They involved 4431 vehicles, 3,867 sustained various degrees of injuries and left 415 dead in the process.

In the Ashanti Region the release said it also recorded high accident cases, accounting to many fatalities in 2011it said, it recorded 2,162 accidents involving 1,103 vehicles resulting in the death of 453 while 2,683were injured.

It revealed that, in 2012, the region also recorded 4,388 accidents which claimed 314 lives, and 2,261 injured.

The Eastern Region was not left out of reported road traffic accidents. The release explained that the region in 2011 recorded 1331 accidents which involves 1,690 and leaving 2010 injured.

In 2012 the region reported 2437 road traffic accidents which involved vehicles, killing 359 people.

In the face of these high toll in road traffic accidents ACP Awuni, charged motorists to be cautious on the roads in order to reduce fatalities.




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