rlgAll is set for the official opening of the Global Office of rlg Communications Ltd. in Dubai next month, making it the first Ghanaian company and among the few in Africa to do so.

The opening of the office is also expected to commence the official entry of the ICT device manufacturer onto the Asian and Middle East market.

The company?s Chief Executive, Roland Agambire, told a group of international media personnel on the sidelines of the just-ended Africa World Business Forum in Dubai that the strategic location of Dubai makes it imperative for any forward-looking business entity to take advantage of its enormous potential.

Within the last four decades, Dubai has witnessed tremendous growth in terms of physical infrastructure and economic transformation, making it an enviable place for many businesses and investors across the globe.

Mr. Agambire said the choice of Dubai will influence technology, capital generation, expertise, resources and best practices.

?Dubai is 40 years. Ghana is 50 years. The growth and developmental gap are obvious. Dubai offer lots of lessons Africa can learn,? he told reporters.

rlg Communications secured an office complex in the United Arab Emirates city last year and commenced recruitment of international staff.

?Operating from here will enable us to grow our brand and make it more visible as an indigenous African brand,? he said, adding that the decision is strategic and is expected to facilitate both sales and brand awareness.

Early this year, rlg entered the Kenyan and Angolan markets and Mr. Agambire hinted six more countries will join before the year ends.

rlg began operations 11 years ago, initially as an ICT training outlet and later venturing into the ambitious task of assembling devices including mobile phones, desktop computers, laptops and accessories.

The company?s latest product, Uhuru, is said to have captured the local tablet market, commanding some impressive sales figures.

He said the plan to list the company on the stock market is a priority but the performance of the brand and sales in the coming years will determine a final decision, affirming his desire to ensure ?Ghanaians have an interest in the company in the very-near future?.

?In the coming months, we do intend investing heavily in the area of research and development, with the sole purpose of improving quality to ensure the rlg brand competes favorably with the existing foreign brands?.

rlg currently operates in China, Nigeria, the Gambia, Kenya and Angola.


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