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Rlg In Court For Illegally Using ?wedding Song? By Apaaste


According to my sources, Ghanaian Technology Company, RLG has been served with a writ to appear in court for the illegal use of ?Wedding Song? by Apaaste, as the default ringing tone on their android phones. According to copies of the writ which I received, dated December 27, 2013, NMJ Ghana, the management for the artist in question is demanding GhC 250,000 from RLG for copyright infringement.  They stated the wide distribution of RLG phones across Africa as the extent of damage to Apaaste?s creative works.

My source also alleges that officials from RLG have downplayed the issue and tried to settle the case out of court but NMJ refused since the terms were unfavorable to them. According to  the  source, there are voice recordings with officials from RLG suggesting that NMJ would lose the case for political reasons. Hmm, stay tuned for more on this growing story .

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