The ?R.I.P.? singer revealed that she doesn?t care about the continuous comparisons between the two and made it very clear that they both have very different styles.

?To tell you the truth I don?t really care,? she told Rollercoaster magazine.

Adding: ?My music?s different, we sing differently, we?re from different parts of the world.?

The beauties have been pitted against one another ever since the 21-year-old singer exploded onto the music scene last year; however, Rita says she has nothing but love for her Roc sister and hinted boss Jay-Z wouldn?t have it any other way.

?Plus we?ve seen each other lots of times and we hang out.  So if people are trying to create a feud, not going to work.? she continued.

?Even if that was the case, Roc would be like, ?What are you guys doing? You?re part of the samefamily!??

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