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Currently, athlete Nery Brenes, cyclist Andrey Amador and triathlete Leonardo Chacon have qualified for the Rio Games. Another representative will also fill the place won by cyclist Andrey Fonseca in the mountain biking category.

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Brenes will participate in the men’s 400 meters and Amador will compete in the men’s road cycling category.


Regarding the mountain biking place, the athlete that will compete in this category is still to be announced although Fonseca has not yet been ruled out, according to what the President of the National Olympic Committee (CON), Henry Nunez, told Xinhua.

Brenes, Amador and Chacon will all be participating once again in the Olympics – all of them participated in London 2012. All three athletes are recognized in their country and internationally for their performances.

Nery Brenes became a household name in indoor athletics when he won the gold medal in 400 meters at the 2012 IAAF World Indoor Championships in Istanbul, Turkey. In 2011, Brenes became the 400 meters champion at the Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Road cyclist Andrey Amador recently recently came in fourth place in the Tour of Italy 2015.

Triathlete Leonardo Chacon has a wide experience in international competitions including world championships, world cups and the Olympic Games 2012 in London where he finished in 48th position.

Although his results in London 2012 were not as good as expected, Chacon earned respect from international media for showing good sportsmanship by continuing in the competition after crashing his bike. He was full of cuts and obviously hurt but continued regardless.

According to Nunez, Costa Rica are expecting another eight athletes to participate in the 2016 Games and their qualifications could be officially announced in the coming weeks, as they obtain the points necessary to compete in Rio.

Some more Costa Ricans could qualify for the following categories: athletics, cycling, triathlon, judo, beach volleyball, boxing and swimming, according to Nunez.

Although he did not rule out Costa Rica winning medals in August, Nunez said the main objective for the national athletes is to improve on their personal bests.

Costa Rica’s full team for the Olympics will not be finalized until June.

At London 2012, 11 athletes represented the Central American country however they were unable to win a medal.

Costa Rica first competed in the Olympic Games back in 1936 in Berlin, Germany, and then after missing it for four consecutive editions, the Central American country has participated in every edition since Tokyo 1964.

In the history of the Games, Costa Rica has won four medals: one gold, one silver and two bronze. All these medals were won by swimming sisters Claudia and Sylvia Poll.

Source: Xinhua


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