European Championship organizers have assured fans of a double “ring of steel” around all match venues to help keep fears at bay.

Security (EURO 2016)To further ensure that things go on smoothly without any tardiness- fans have also been urged to breeze into the various stadia and fan zones early before kickoff during the Euros.

These are all part of the vigilant security measures that seeks to ease off the tension that has gripped everybody ahead of this year’s championship. Security became a social hot potato after the co-ordinated terror attacks in Paris, last November that lead to the death of 130 people. As a result, the run-up to the Euro2016 became a stressful period for the UEFA president, Jacques Lambert.

The unfortunate concatenation of the recent: floods, heavy rains, political and labour protests in France further made preparations for the games even more painful for organizers.

The UEFA President’s prime concern was securing the national stadium, the Stade de France in Saint-Dennis which will host the opening match between the host, France and Romania later today. But now the Director of Operations at UEFA Events, Martin Kallen and his boss, Jacques Lambert are very optimistic because they believe they have done all that is possible to oil the wheels of the championship.

Lambert said: “No one is unaware of what has gone on in France and in Europe with regard to security over the last few months. We have had to deal with this contest imposed upon us while remaining focused on our goal of bringing together the best possible European Championship from every aspect, including security.”

In fact, Lambert maintained that they have to work with the French Government to be able to establish effective security measures. “But we really wanted to maintain all the other dimensions of the event to try to move out of this negative spiral in which we have found ourselves. It hasn’t been easy but we have really worked hard to give you the best organized European Championship.” Lambert added.
Martin Kallen, emphasized that ring of steel protection will also be given to fan zones.

Source: Dela Ahiawor


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