In a rare ‘personality transplant’ moment RnB singer Rihanna twitted pics of her personal time with her Grandparents Lionel and Clara Brathwaite. Rihanna is well and truly making the best of coming of her Loud Tour celebrated her birthday Grandmothers birthday while in Brookyln New York. Rihanna cooked up a feast and shared a bevvy or three to mark her Grandmothers birthday.

Rihanna is said to have admitted her grandfather were confused by her ever-changing hair colour, which is currently a mix of blonde and black, and still calls her by her Christian name Robyn.

Rihanna Twitted:

‘My GranDad: Robyn how ya is get hair from red to cream to black??? Cuz ya don’t carry wigs!!! Ya does wash it out?! ME: ROTFL (rolling on the the floor laughing). No words.’


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