Passengers who commute in and out from Lapaz and Nii-Boi town on daily basis to Tema station in Accra, by means of commercial vehicles (Trotro) are expressing concern about the bad nature of the means of transport.

In an interview with Ghana News Agency on Thursday, Mr Ben Awauh, a passenger, said the buses were rickety and posed serious threat to commuters.

He said: “The buses have limited space and instead of four passengers in a row, the drivers load five on each row.”
Madam Fuseina Mohammed, a commuter complained that the unlined buses, which sometimes scratched her body, could transmit tetanus to victims – a situation, the drivers neglect when complaints are made to them.
She called on the appropriate authorities to address the situation, which was becoming an unbearable one for users of trotro.

Miss Elizabeth Tetteh, Passenger and National Service person narrated how her dress was torn on one occasion.
“It was so bad and embarrassing because I was going to work and have to go back home to change,” she said.
Mr Godwin Amati, a passenger said: “The bus becomes uncomfortable for me especially when there is heavy traffic, the heat in the bus becomes intense making breathing difficult for me”.

Mr Amati said some of the windows to the buses were tinted and not enough, putting the health of the passengers in danger.

He added that since trotro was the only direct means of transportation to his house, he had no option than to join the bus.

Mr Benjamin Hallo a National Service person noted: “The seats are not wide enough leaving me with no option than to struggle in my seat with the fat people sitting next to me.”
Mr Atsu Ativor a driver of one of the buses said, measures were been put in place to meet the desires of the passengers.

He said, in order to reduce the seat to four on a row and to repair the worn out ones, the fare should be increased but as to whether passengers would accept that in good faith was unknown.

Source: GNA


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