1617152_1387802988146987_1287635203_oBY: George Wiredu Duah

?Ashiman? base music duo and new hip life artiste More Rich made up of Padmoreand Richmond is out with their new single ?Left Over?.

The duo who met in senior high school and ever since been like brothers explain that the single is not about them but as musicians and creative people, they try to use what is going on around them to make good music.

?We have had incidents where friends complain about their girlfriends leaving them for some wealthy men.?

?In some cases they go to the extent of making sure the girls are very much comfortable but yet still they walk away hence that influence the song and title, Richmond explained the concept of the song.

After combining their names to form the groups? stage identity, More Rich, noted that they aim to be one of the best music duo in the country first before taking a giant step into the foreign music world.

MoreRich?s debut single ?left over? is free for download here and all major downloading website, check it out.

BY: George WireduDuah




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