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In Touch magazine has learned that Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice, 45, has been ‘dodging’ her husband Joe’s phone calls, who is serving a 41-month prison sentence for fraud.

“Joe has been more and more verbally abusive to Teresa over the phone,” an insider reveals to In Touch exclusively. “He’s been angrily calling Teresa at home, but she’s been dodging his calls.”

“She has said, ‘Enough is enough. I don’t need to put up with this,’ ” the insider says.

He’s making her feel awful. “All Joe ever does is bring Teresa down and complain about how miserable he is in prison,” the insider explains.

“If she had lost her s— on Joe at any point while she was in prison, she knew there would be a risk that he would go off the rails and stop taking her calls,” the insider says of Teresa’s hotheaded husband, 45. “So she had to remain positive and upbeat the entire time.”

But now the tables have turned, and she is realizing that she is better off without him. “Joe was so controlling,” a source tells In Touch. “Teresa feels free with him in prison.”

Source: intouchweekly.com


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