VIP performing on stage

Ghana?s best selling music group, VIP, is expected to make a stop at Rhode Island in the United States of America today, Saturday July 7.

The award-winning group will be performing their repertoire for their teaming fans on the Island as part of their Vision Tour of the United of States of America.

The show is dubbed ?Independence Weekend Blast? and features some American rappers and DJs. All is currently set for the show which coincides with America?s Independence Day celebration activities.

VIP made history in New York a couple of weeks ago when it put up an amazing performance.

Known for its great stagecraft, the group did not disappoint its New York audience. It brought excitement to music fans that trooped to the Armenia Ball Room at 630 Second AVE New York, where the group performed alongside other top Ghanaian acts and USA rappers.

The show was also part of the group?s Vision Tour which began in the USA months ago.

Artistes that supported VIP at the New York event were Tiffany, Castro, FOI and some others from the US.

VIP was the main act of the night and it treated music fans in New York to more fine-tuned performances.

It performed most of its hit tracks to the delight of hundreds of fans who were at the show.

By Francis Addo

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