Foreign Minister Antonella Mularoni of San Marino Addresses General Assembly. UN Photo/J Carrier

28 September 2012 ? Describing the United Nations General Assembly as the international community?s ?most democratic? body, the Minister of Foreign and Political Affairs with functions of Prime Minister of the Republic of San Marino, Antonella Mularoni, said her country strongly supports the ?revitalization? of the chamber?s powers.

?The reform is particularly important for my country since the General Assembly is the most? adequate and sometimes the only forum where a small state can express its opinions,? the minister told the 67th Assembly?s General Debate at UN Headquarters in New York.

?Indeed, when we talk about revitalization of the General Assembly, we think of a forum where all members of the international community have the opportunity to exchange their ideas on the most important and urgent themes, which have a global dimension and need a global response,? she added.

Ms. Mularoni cited the world?s response to the financial crisis that erupted in 2008 as being one area where the entire international community should have a say. ?In our opinion, this organization should play a leadership role in the promotion of fair and inclusive growth, sustainable development and elimination of poverty and hunger,? she said.

She also called for reform of the UN Security Council, echoing similar calls by several other national representatives addressing the current debate.

Of the 15-member body, which has the power to deploy peacekeeping and other forces, as well as impose punitive sanctions, the minister said a ?reform? based on the widest possible political consensus? must be carried out with the utmost commitment by all states.?

She added that the change should bring about an ?enlarged, more representative, transparent and efficient Security Council.?

The General Assembly decided in 2010 to begin seeking to identify ways to enhance its own role, authority, effectiveness and efficiency.

?The revitalization should include the political role of the General Assembly and its authority, as defined by the Charter of the United Nations,? Minister Mularoni told the General Debate. ?The reform of the General Assembly should also improve its relations with other main bodies of the United Nations in order to avoid duplication of functions and means.?

She emphasized San Marino?s position that the Assembly should ?not be limited to that of a mere body where resolutions are adopted.?

?It should be a forum? where solutions can be found to today?s challenges and where a global consensus on issues of common interest can be reached,? she said.

Other topics covered in her statement included responding to natural disasters, disability, women and children.

The San Marino minister is one of scores of world leaders and other high-level officials presenting their views and comments on issues of individual, national and international relevance at the Assembly?s General Debate, which ends Oct. 1.

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