Revised estimates show that the economy of Ghana grows 14.4 percent until the year 2011 from 8 percent in 2010, the national Office of statistics said on Wednesday.

Previous estimates put the growth at 13.6 percent.

Duncan Ebo, the head of the statistical economics, said the industry sector recorded the highest percentage growth of the services sector, followed by agriculture 41.1 recorded the lowest growth of less than 1 percent.

However, he said, the services sector remains the largest sector, contributing to GDP at 48.5 percent while the industrial sector the second largest base with 25% contribution.

Mr. Duncan said crop production remains the greatest task, representing about one-fifth of total GDP (3.2 percent).

High growth rates also saw release ???????? mining and mining with the rise in the percentage of 206.5 construction time is incremented by 20 percent.

Commercial communication and information have 17.9 percent and 17 respectively, while other production and community, social and personal services, increases in 13 percent each.

Activities include forestry and logging have significant output, which fell 14 percent, have declined by 8.7 percent and electricity grew up fishing in-0.8 percent.

Mr. Duncan said the final estimates for 2010 showed growth of 8 percent over the 2009 estimates, 0.3 percentage points over the revised estimates for the year 2010.

The change was mainly due to the inclusion of oil and the production process from the initial Saltpond Jubilee in December 2010.

Source: GNA


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