In a speech read on his behalf Thursday during the official opening of the International Renewable Energy symposium in the capital Windhoek, Oberth Kadjoze said Namibia and the Southern African region need to prioritize investment in the energy sector.

Running under the theme “Renewable energy for economic prosperity”, the symposium is being attended by experts from as far as Uganda.

The first of its kind, the symposium is being hosted by the Namibia Energy Institute in conjunction with the Polytechnic of Namibia.

It seeks to provide a platform to experts from the sub-Saharan Africa to push for access to sustainable energy and economic prosperity.

“I could not agree more with the analysis that a shortage of essential electricity infrastructure is undermining efforts to achieve more rapid economic development and social justice in our region,” Kadjoze said.

He also said the Africa Energy Outlook of 2014 states that the sub-Saharan region is rich in resources, but very poor in energy supply.

“Africa’s energy sector is vital to its development and yet is one of the most poorly understood part of the global energy system,” Kandjoze said, adding that there is no doubt that renewable energy is at the forefront of development activities and a priority for all countries. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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