was passed a copy of voters register for Wataniya JHS by a concern member of the public who was worried about fraud in the voting system in Tamale.

What struck us the most is over 60% of the register voters look less than 16 years old.

We came across a name Abdul Majeed Mansura with voter ID 1031200098 who suppose to be 18 years old but looked like 10 years old. We sent our correspondent in Tamale to investigate this news. track down the child?s parents, who live Aboabo, suburb of Tamale.

Upon talking to the mother of Abdul Majeed Mansura, she did confess that her child was indeed 8 years old and she was paid 5GHC by personals affiliated to a political party that she will not mention.

She also said most children her daughter?s age have also registered and ready to vote in the coming December elections. however submitted this evidence to Ghana election commission demanding answer to what is going on in Tamale.

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